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Tonight's League Cup

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this plays into afc's hands perfectly. cue brown tommorrow "cup shocks happen all the time, just look at rangers last night. we'll take our anger out on motherwell and try reward our fantastic fans with a win and some goals on saturday."


The craft move in strange way...Broon must be some sort of Grand Master for the Huns to have fallen on their swords so spectacularly to deflect attention from one of their own

Cue barrage from every goat tickler on the site!!

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Difference being the Huns likely dinna gie a fuck about a third rate piece of silverware that brings in minimum funds, when they're concentrating on winning the league again and getting into a real cup competition like the Champion's League.


And the Huns, I notice, aren't also sitting a point off bottom.


They and their scummy fans will barely give a flying hoop for more than 5 minutes, and we'll still be the guys who were beaten by amateurs while struggling to stave off relegation yet a-fucking-gain.


I don't care about the Huns... they're on a different planet to shite like Aberdeen.

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The fans who were wanking over McCoist on Sunday will be wanting him sacked again now :lolrangers:

Hardly Oddjob...It's a diddy cup for them...they have a bigger prize to go after...the league...remember that..you know when we used to compete instead of staving off relegation year after year...while I may rejoyce in seeing the Hun doon......It's nae real consolation to the utter desperation we find ourselves in

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