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Ill add another positive to his list. Tbf to the lads he never hides, tries to get involved at all costs.


I just cant see this lad going anyway as a footballer, he seems to do the easy things wrong. Time and time again his passes are failing to reach the desired target, and as for the tackling OH Lordy. For someone who is meant to be a central midfielder he seriously lacks the fight to win the ball.



I slated him @ U19 level Crossbow, ill be honest and say ive just never been a fan.


I suspect you've seen more of him than I. Going on what I saw today I thought he performed well. He lacks control in his final ball but certainly today neither lacked grit nor tackling enthusiasm. Whether he will develop the control in the time professional football allows I guess is the question. I would not rule it out, today he had the vision to be trying that ball at the right time and moving into the correct space. There is, in my opinion, a footballer in there, whether he can be developed in our structure is yet another question - but I don't think he should be a central midfielder.

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Hes shite and should be released






Were you at the game? No, so keep your comments to other threads

I haven't commented on the game in this thread but I didn't need to be there to think that comment is utter rubbish. Whatever your opinion, and I respect we all have opinions about certain players, but I think your criticism of Jack is way ott. Shite and needs released? What has Milsom, Vernon, Foster, Clark, Fyvie or any other player bar Osbourne and Arnason done to not deserve the same level of criticism? There's been FAR worse offenders so far this season but maybe the young loon is an easy target for some.

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I asked earlier, did Aberdeen 'play' and set out for the draw from the off?


No is the answer to that - we set up with 2 strikers but never really created much the whole game. To be honest neither team created much thoughout the game, it was a dreadful game to watch. If anything before Motherwell scored we looked the better side and then Foster error and also i don't think our keeper looked very clever for the goal.

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