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Hating The Club You Support

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I would have accepted couldnt care less or rangers because hibs are our rivals, get over this fuckin pathetic we hate rangers shite u are meant to be an aberdeen fan not a rangers hater, have a look in the ibrox trophy room since 1995 and tell me what ur pathetic we hate rangers pish has done for aberdeen, absolutely fuck all.

Some of us can multi-task.

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Relying on others being shite has got us to where we are now, and gives our illustrious chairman the perfect excuse to let this club continue to rot.

Totaly correct Bri...funny how our old mate Fatshaft (Milne plant) is no where to be seen just now...I honestly belive we have reached our darkest day now..... the club is fu*ked thank you Stewart you absolute C*nt you've comitted the worst atrocity imaginable...torn the heart out of the community...robbed us of our football club...you fu*king cu*t!!!

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