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I don't think you can "Support" two teams.



Sure , have a admiratation, soft spot or whatever, but to activly support two teams, to go through the same emotions caused by 2 teams, i dunno. just can't dig it.


Scotland are like my mum, Aberdeen are my wife... anything else is just flirtation or eyeing up.


Agree 100%. I can understand people having a soft spot for other teams but for me it's one club side and your country, no one else really matters.

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Because I lived in England for a number of years, and went to see Bolton & Warrington Town.


Now I'm back home again, I keep an eye out for the scores, and will try to watch a game if it's on TV, but don't get particularly worked up about it anymore.



Probably helps that Bolton are going down yea? ;)

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Probably helps that Bolton are going down yea? ;)

Not really, I kicked every ball during the Calderwood-esque Megson years, but as soon as I moved back last November my interest waned to such an extent that by the time of the FA cup semi, the loss was of little interest.
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I was born in Middlesbrough, and moved up here when I was 7. Go to the odd boro game. Been to going to watch the Dons since i was 15. Now 42


I'm proud of you, lad. :cool:


I see that some people will have genuine reasons to support english clubs but the way some people just tie themselves to a big english club as soon as some money is injected into them or they win something is pretty disgusting.


This is still absolute horse-shit.

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The fact is, whether WIL"COCK" likes it or not. A few of us may have leanings towards ENGLISH teams or not.


I don't know what it is. But, I can smell a hint of desperation in the air. "ROBERTO YOU GLORY HUNTING BASTARD"! X


OMG some fellow Dandies may have born into support some equally shit teams! But they're ENGLISH! YOU FUCKING GLORY HUNTER!!!

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What posesses people to support an English team? TV coverage.


My nephew, 10 years old, used to support Blackburn (and Aberdeen obviously) because his dad is from there, which is fair enough. Then he started supporting Manchester United....now he "supports" Manchester City. He says it's because they have the best players...and to be fair to him, as a kid you look upto the best players. (for the record, i've told him he's a glory hunter...it's my duty!)


Without my influence, he could easily have become a Rangers fan as he has a few friends who support them. I know it's crossed his mind to support them, but me and my dad have pretty much verbally beat that out of him! No member of my family will support the huns if I can help it!


Anyways, you go into the pubs and all you ever see is EPL games. It's no wonder there are so many people picking a "favourite" team to "support" when having a few pints and giving the game(s) a bit of meaning.


I don't support any English teams.

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