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What Does Abody Order From The Chinky

Big Man

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Hey Byen, i'll have to choose my words wisely to escape Mini's wrath but our project is moving from the absolute delights of Tallinn to Alesund in the next couple of weeks before we get frozen in.


I've been told there is absolutely nothing there, not even a place to get a beer. Please tell me this is folk just acting the goat.


I think the exact place is called langsten or something like that, i ken its nearer your neck of the woods!


Please advise.



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Nice wee town eh?


Quick look around, few pictures of the Fjords as the sun comes up then straight to Thai Valley.


Cheers Sir.


Jist be careful using yer charms on the security burds at the airport. They've little to do there and are not used tae the big city type studs. Eh ended up on the wrong end of a full-body search there once. Eh didna help my cause by saying "it's not like this in Bergen", as abody outside of this toon hates this place.

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i've always heard it's because they're open the weekends, and need to give staff a day off.. and it used to be the quietest night of the week for restaurants. :dontknow:

Probably why many now closing Tuesday instead. Think Monday nights would be busier with folk going back to work and coming home and not being assed cooking. And Tuesdays seems to be pizza night everywhere nowadays anyway.

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