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Big Man

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Following on from the avatars thread - why did you pick the AFC chat username you did? What's the story behind it?


I picked big man partly because i had chewing the fat in my head at the time, and partly because i am a man who has quite a large penis* (or is ''big'') - hence Big Man.


*when errect.



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Mines was first thing that sprung to my head as when I used to get to Todders a lot more a couple years back there was always this one guy, without fail would be absolutely blutered, and start this chant on his own, brought a little chuckle to my face every time.


Plus i like it as it jsut makes me think, in my own little head, of everyone singing that and one day one of our players will launch forward like Zidane and heedbutt somewhere square in the face!

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The Oil Industry is governed by 'personalities' of a right-wing persuasion and I was surrounded by a particularly obnoxious gang at my work for about 4 years many moons ago , who did their best to grind me down. Almost...but not quite , I lost the battle but am winning the war. The symbol of the phoenix can represent change , from one state to another , or being re-born.


I did not let the bastards get me down , survived and emerged the better for my confrontations , trials and tribulations. I'm sure everyone can adapt the myth to suit their own experiences and struggles in life - the phoenix is a powerful symbol that carries a powerful message.







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All those years ago, when the old DT was hacked, and the site was down for a period of time, the day it started back up again was the day Esson saved a penalty against Hibs, So Esson-Penalty-King was born, soon to be shortened to EPK as he is obviously not a penalty king any more...

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Username threads and avatar threads now eh?


What's next - Sports Presenters World Cup?




Guardianista 360 suggested such a thread would be 'worth reading' in the avatar one, I assume in the same way that the Guardian is 'worth reading'.


Aye, if you've got zero personality.


As you can see above, it's not worth reading, not in any way, shape or form, it's making me feel sick just reading the puerile responses.


I dinna give a fuck how any of you came up with made up names and pictures.

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