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The Football Jacket


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Not bought and P&S for a while, did own a Typhoon but sold it, but an interesting piece, and one for the sales



The Heat & Football Jacket by Paul & Shark has been designed for all those people who love seeing their favourite football team at the stadium but do not want to renounce the comfort and the warmth they experience at home in the armchair. As a matter of fact, this garment is equipped with an inside strip that may be warmed through a rechargeable device, able to provide the body with an ideal temperature, even under the most rigorous conditions. The jacket also includes an inside pocket intended for the iPhone, and also a pocket for the iPad. It is also supplied with an inflatable cushion, featuring the logo of the jacket, that can be used on the terraces.



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Blue cotton coat from Nigel Cabourn featuring a brown tonal dogtooth wool length, a button front fastening with plastic clasp placket, four front buttoned flap pockets and buttoned tab cuffs. The coat also features a hooded drawstring neckline, but cannot offer any guarantees of the wearer getting his hole.


That is hideous mini.

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That is hideous mini.



I'm hoping thats your crazy hungover humour and not a genuine jacket you desire?


If so time to change supplements.

Personal taste, I really like it, infact gonna get myself a new jacket for the winter, might get a nordie, think coopy from here owns a Nigel cabourn.

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Mini for half that price, you could get a burberry trench or dufflecoat. Or for the same price a prorsum in the sales.

Not really in to burberry, just having a wee scoot around, will talk to one of my pals who has an incredible jacket collection and really knows his stuff for when it comes to trainers and clothes.

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