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thats how a losers mind works


i personally would take NO pride in that and wouldnt spend a second on it if a victory was hollow


Well considering I was a loon then I'm talking about the mind of a child, something you should be very au fait with.


That game was eerily reminiscent of the modern SPL, except for the formation thing, the Old Firm can use any formation and know they will win every game.

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thats how a losers mind works


i personally would take NO pride in that and wouldnt spend a second on it if a victory was hollow


not sure if you are just looking for an argument or not but thats just how the game was at the time. not as easy as tup made out unless you used the cheat formation but still easy enough to master. Nowhere near what games are nowadays.


just a different time.

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goldeneye was the 1st game i got so obsessed with that i had to 5* it.


so every challenge it set down, i passed. the only one that screwed with me for months on end was doing the facility in less than 2:03 as that bastard doctor kept fucking moving around. so you could be lighting quick but if he wasnt where you needed him to be, it was all for nothing.



Same here Robbo! I had a US imported N64 and had to buy imported carts. Spent 18 months on Goldeneye. Absolutely the best game ever.


Finished it on 007 mode after weeks of torment from the 'Protect Natalya' misson. Still hate that mission!


Highlight of my Goldeneye career (bear in mind I was 22 when it came out), was handing a bunch of 14-16 year old kids their arses on a plate. The look of surprise on their faces was priceless, they thought they were good. No chance! I knew every map better than the back of my own hand. Had the tactics nailed to the nth degree on every multi-player level.


Had great multiplayer sessions on this with my bro.


N64 is still up in the loft. Power supply is goosed but apart from that it's still mint condition.


Doubt I'll ever be obsessed with a video game that much again.


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  • Streetfighter II
  • Goldeneye

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I still think you should be able to customize the latest champ man / footie man games to include what you want... Agreed that he reason I dn't buy it anymore is because it's way too complicated now... Didn't mind it up until the point where you an call your next opposition a cunt, but Darren mackie is nervous about the game after your comments to the press...

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