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DESPERADOS really is the ultimate king of kings when it comes to Beer, tis hard to track it down on a regular basis though.


Shifted gallons of the stuff at France 98.


Desperados is really good, i'm a fan. Would still prefer a bottle of Peroni over a bottle of Desperados. Budweiser on draft is hit or miss, but a good pint of Bud is wonderful/


I've just started drinking Innis & Gun (sp), Edinburgh based beer, available from Asda. Fucking amazing.

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You wont find beer as bad as the ones EPK mentions anywhere in the world they truly are vile


The only Norwegian beer that I have had, which is drinkable, Is from Drammen, locally brewed called Aass. (pronounced auss)


But back to locally over here, preparation is half the battle to getting a good pint, if you go into a busy pub, more often than not you will get a shit pint, If the pint glass is new out of the glass washer machine, and still warm, the pint will be flat, and shit.


An on going "discussion" with the local manageress has proven this...


Also, all these new type glasses that each brand seems to have, they serve the purpose, here is the scientific part to it now, They are called a nucleation, they have a small indentation on the bottom of the glass, which improves the flow of gas around the glass.


Always request a cold glass, and the correct type of glass.






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Would have to agree with becks. The stuff is diar!!!!


It just makes me want to spew. Vile stuff!!!!



Tennant ice cold on draught isnt bad.


Although dont like it the same now they sponsor the OF!!!

You wouldn't touch Becks, Stella or Kronenborg, but Tennents isna bad? Some advice min, just dinna drink beer, yer fucking clueless.

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