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having seen a picture of them on north tonight i realise that i recognise both , i only know him from seeing him in the Brig bar always a decent guy always spoke and seemed friendly enough his partner has changed a lot since i last saw her again would have been the brig she was a fine quine too if i can mind,

really feel for both of them, and can't imagine how they are taking this

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Lads, now that the older couple has been named in the press, can I take the opportunity to express my sympathies to all involved.


Cheyner, you know I'm thinking about you, Lynn and Amanda and the rest of the family at this tragic time, and I pray your mum can pull through.


I'm sure everyone from your beloved Aberdeen Football Club will echo my thoughts.



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One of the worst things is folk who pull out from marshall trailors to cut across and sit in the central reservation bit. The other night Some woman cut across to the central reservation and left about 1/2 her car sticking out into the fast lane. No option but to ram on the brakes and cut into the other lane. Riles me that. Common sense and thinking about other motorists is all it takes. See white van drivers do this all the time. Dont give a shit that half the van is sticking out into the carriageway.


It really does defy belief that section doesnt have any kind of slower speed restrictions. There is usually 4-5 really bad smashes there every year.




the Marshall Trailors junction is so bad i emailed the police about it. Its a death trap, and how or why its a 70 zone beggars belief. In winter, in the dark, in the driving rain, there are often cars triple parked on the central reservation. It is insane, but of course its road design from a previous century and won't be used once we get the bypass. Of course, Willie Walton will never have driven there in the rush hour, he'll be locked up in his ivory tower at the university. Opposing the bypass is dangerous as well as stupid.

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