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Take the missus to Australia to let her experience it.


Skydive (shit scared of heights)


Take in a Lazio v Roma game in amongst the Lazio Ultras.


Would love to do the Rome derby along with Boca, River Plate, that would be insane.

where about in aberdeen do you train?my mates got a thing on at the beach ballroom this weekend

I train at a different place from KM (assume that's who you mean) I'll be at the show on saturday, cracking line up, I train with Bydand at banks o dee.

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aye fancied going along but what with the new little one aint got any spare cash,shame will hopefully see him fight at some point

That's a shame, his fight on saturday will be abelter, the guy he's fighting is pretty good from what i've seen, thing he has bricks for hands.


fits stopping you, fiver a throw.

Scared case i get hooked.

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