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Your Bucket List


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Christ, the boy would have been well into his fifties as it was.


Just hung around Kuta Beach getting sparkled every day.


What you've described sounds much like an alcoholic.



does indeed sound like he's got the life of riley.


you should have challenged him to an arm wrestling contest.


and had some red-eyes with him.

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being allowed to play right back for the dons against rangers at ibrox for approximately 16 seconds.


visit peru, equador, serbia and croatia.


watch 2 women in the scud have a tear up, in the flesh.


become adam richman's wing man for 1 series of men vs food.


meet cheesepipes.


play a world series of poker main event.

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Jesus fuck, is that it? A bucket list of fuck all? far's the ambition, far's the "fuck, wish I could hae deen that" moment?


1. Shag Kylie Minogue

2. Shag Danni Minogue

3. Shag Kylie & Danni together

4. Got so bored, had to shag Sienna Miller

5. Moved on to Scarlett Johanssen who was drippin


but back in the real world...


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