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Glesga Nature.


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im moderately impressed they were able to - more often than not - fit fitting lyrics into the song (however it DID take me a while to realise the tune they were singing!)


as for it being like my front room...wrong


i wholeheartedly can say that i guarantee my flat en general is classier than most on here


Most flats, or accomodation in general?


I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be swapping my splendiferous digs for a pokey wee flat in weegieland

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10/10. :hysterical:


Only one thing worse than a mink and that's a mink with money.


You can remove the minker from his Glasgow slum.


You can never remove the slum mentality from the minker though.


Minkers with cash go to the same place on holiday three times a year, usually somewhere shit, but they swear by it, and they usually have great suntans, because no cunt goes near the corner they comandeer for themselves, it becomes their very own Gorbals-on-Sea, or Easterhouse Island, paradise for them, hell to everyone else.

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anyway back to the point, do you really all have THAT big a chip on your shoulders that you cant look past the physical horror of them to acknowledge that the way theyve penned the lyrics is quite impressive?


Depends how you define "quite impressive", I suppose.


They have a horrible accent as well.

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what do i find quite impressive?


well, the fact that on the fact of it, these are 2 revolting looking and sounding scumbags who youd imagine will be junkies in a few years, if they arent already


but in ACTUAL fact...


they are 2 friends who have blatantly taken time to sit down and think up lyrics (which themselves are incredibly apt) to fit into a well known tune


they are being creative and they have succeeded...is that not to be applauded?

You really do have your Glasgow blinkers on don't you? If they had come from anywhere else you'd not have defended them.


Creative? No, not really. The lyrics are dire, the song was dire, the singing was BEYOND dire and they look like they come from a few generations of inbreeding.


I found it repulsive.

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no, i sincerely dont


these 2 are inside, penning lyrics to a song, when normally you'd expect folk like that to be down the park, sitting in a bandstand drinking and mugging anyone that walks by


these 2 "girls", it appears, just can not win in your eyes

They could if the lyrics were better, the song was better, they presented themselves better and they sung it better.


Apart from that I thought they were brilliant...

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