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Glesga Nature.


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if you went there with the same delusional sense of grandeur that you are showcasing here, then its no surprise you didnt enjoy it


youre so miserable that you went there HOPING to not enjoy it


check the holiday threads..plenty of open minded people from here went to both places and echoed my sentiments



Not I!

I went wanting to enjoy my time.

Due to the sleazy, dirty locals and the fact it is cheap any therefore attracts minkers I did not.


I'm the open minded one MT.

Just because it suits you doesn't mean its my cup of tea.

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all it does is encapsulate and amplify the massive hot chip on all of your shoulders


you instantly look to shoot down anyone who raises their heads above the parapet


you really, really need to work on that for your own sakes

I've read a lot of shite on these forums, but this one takes the fucking biscuit! WE have a chip on OUR shoulders because you think these two weegie minks have raised themselves above the other weegie minks?


:spanner: :spanner:


You classify two ugly weegie huns singing, horribly I might add, shite lyrics over a piece of music on youtube as talent? :suicide:

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ah right, i got you


so if someone from a poor back ground tries to get away from it and tries to actually use their brain and be creative, they have no chance in your eyes because you cant look past their background?





They are scum, scum tend to get nowhere in show business and exist only to be laughed at like them two things. Glaswegians pride themselves on their scummy, thieving,inbred image. Its not a good thing people from the more affluent normal backgrounds laugh at how the other half live.

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