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Spiken Sh*t

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Sandwich between with one wholemeal and one white, Lurpak (one side, on the white only) filled with a mix of lettuce, radishes, cold hare flanks and reggae reggae sauce.


Washed down with tonic water, blackcurrant, crushed ice, lemon and lime, garnished with rasins, lightly warmed in the pan with kumin and caraway seeds. I salted the rim.




Is that what they call it these days. :itch-chin:

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Drinkin Tau must be in Stavager possibly Beverleys, managed to get Carlsberg at 35 Nok a bottle near Trondheim cheapest I ever had over here



Nearly , Sandness ,Quality residence hotel.


However, Beverleys will be on the cards in a coupls of weeks as have a 5 day course in Stavanger.

Found a bar in Haugesund that did a pint for 30NOK.


On the down side it was Hansa.

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