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Kilmarnock V Aberdeen

Are you going back  

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  1. 1. Will you be back to watch the Dons

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possibly go to st mirren not killie though, dont see any point for all the money it would cost. considering gettin a season ticket next year as i would probably save money over the year. will struggle parting with all that cash in one lump sum though.

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Will be going, though I'm actually struggling to think why. its become like my nicotine addiction. I've done it for years, it costs me a lot, it seldom provides me with the high that it used to and is doing untold damage to my health year upon year, yet I can't kick the habit.

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It does indeed bud.


Though my last ever game will probably be the St. Mirren one...(in the event of any newhun FC carrying on in the SPL next season as if nothing had happened).


Well done MH, I prefer 'newhun FC' to 'newco'. :applause:


That's what they will forever be known as, if it comes to pass. Newhun FC (2012).

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