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Famous Last Words

Bobby Connor

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Buddy Holly



Joking aside Waylon Jennings had given up his seat on the plane, causing Holly to jokingly tell Jennings, "I hope your ol' bus freezes up!" Jennings shot back facetiously, "Well, I hope your ol' plane crashes!" It was a statement that would haunt Jennings for decades.... emote_rip.gif

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It's supposed to be a thread about your famous last words, not some cunt off the telly.


"I'll be checking out your tits from beyond the grave"




In that case I've nothing left to offer as I've already posted mine.


Your rules makes the thread a bit shit. Can we change it?

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i always liked billy connollys idea for on his gravestone to have words written in tiny tiny lettering so you have to go up so your a nose away to be able to read it...only to find it says


"your standing on my balls"



mine will no doubt be "i know what im doing, its fine"

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