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Aberdeen V Hearts

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Is it possible to change your tickets when you have bought them online, i chose shite seats with a pillar in front and want to change them


Yes just phone them up i had the same dilema for the Ross County game as i was meeting friends and my wife ordered tickets online for the wrong stand (did not need to change in the end but was told i could)

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I'm putting it down to the rain.

My question wasn't as dumb as you're alluding. Was the flooding purely flash flooding from rain, or were drains backed up or blocked or was it riverine flooding?



I don't ever recall the area having flash flooding from rain while I lived there, nor for that matter riverine flooding.

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Steven McMenemy ‏@StevenMcMenemy

Aberdeen team to play Hearts. Langfield Anderson Considine Reynolds Naysmith. Jack Osbourne and Rae. Hayes Vernon and Fraser up front.


Who's playing right back then? Anderson?



I'm more concerned we're only playing with ten men and have a guy with MS playing in midfield. :nutter:

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