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Things We Should Be Thankful For


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But really, it's nothing.


I never did it for myself, I did it for the people.


I'm happy for others to benefit from it.


Especially my pals who run the site, financially.


They were rubbing their hands bigtime when they seen me coming through the door, they couldna accept my registration quickly enough.


The difference in this place is like night and day from when I joined.


Prior to that, it was all a bit :tumbleweed:

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Maybe you should start your own and see how popular you really are then... And I believe the internet is quite big, plenty of sites to post pish on and yet we both chose this one...


Nobody supports tup.


We all support Aberdeen FC.


I support my legs.


Because they support me.


The internet is big, you're right. When I got broadband installed, I had to get the sitting room window taken out to get it in the house.

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I saved this site in the early 00's I remember when the site was hours from closure until my plea to give me time to turn the site around, then i was ruthlessly banned after the infamous donstalk collapse and they all came on here. Cunts.


Anybody else since then has simply administered first aid.



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As LGIR so pointedly says, you should be thankful for me.


Imagine if I took the huff and went to another site?


AFC Chat would return to being :tumbleweed:


So watch it you glaikit hoor.


If only things were that simple, simply swapping sites wasnt really an option back in those days. And things that happened online regularly spilled into the real world, sad as fuck.

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Tup, maybe you could take a posting holiday for say, a month. Then come back and you will be appreciated so much for. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that...


Maybe you could try talking sense, and I can respond accordingly.


I did take a posting holiday recently as boofon can confirm, that's how his 'Corner' started (it was pish), because I went AWOL.

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