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Doesnt seem to be a thread about this yet....



If, as the bookies seem to think, Walter Smith takes over at Castle Grayskull, where the hell does that leave Scotland??


Im sure that Rangers would have to pay a v. large fee to release him from his contract, and money-bags-murray would be willing to do this.


For the first time in about a decade, we seem to have the makings of a good, settled national side. We'de be right back at square one if Watty left. Where would we turn??







Would be typical hun behaviour to f*ck up the national side for their own perverted gains.


HANDS OFF HUNS! :angry11:

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Wouldn't be too bothered if Smith quits as he has done the job he was taken in to do and that was stability but lets face it most AFC-Chat users could have done that job and still not convinced he isn't so set in his ways picking players like Dailly and Weir that he is capable of taking us to next level.


Bit similar to situation closer to home!!

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Clyde 1 have been reporting it as WS in some of Football Director Role, with a prominent role for McCoist.

Going to be announced Monday apparently

Surely couldn't continue as national manager then? Although Tommy Burns his assistant still works full time for Celtic!!

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Surely couldn't continue as national manager then? Although Tommy Burns his assistant still works full time for Celtic!!


If he thinks he is going to do both jobs, then he can GET TO F*CK. Managing the national side isnt a wee part time job, that he can do on the side.


I'd be very, very surprised if the SFA allowed this.

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If he thinks he is going to do both jobs, then he can GET TO F*CK. Managing the national side isnt a wee part time job, that he can do on the side.


I'd be very, very surprised if the SFA allowed this.

Wouldn't surprise me but reckon fan power would DEMAND it.

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Would agree with K-9 about the fact anyone could have done his job for Scotland until now. Yes, we have had some great results under Smith but the team basically picks itself. There is a lot of talent in the Scotland squad, and anyone could have picked that team.


In fact, he has made various poor decisions in his time, the obvious one being not playing Anderson and continuing to pick Weir, Dailly, Caldwells and all the rest of them.


There are a lot quality managers without jobs just now and hopefully the SFA aren't scared to splash the cash on a new coach.


Wouldn't want to see Smith having 2 jobs...........


Also, I know hes not our favourite person but Boyd will now play regularly for Rangers and will hopefully start banging them in for Scotland.

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Anyone any idea what WS contract is with the SFA? My mate reckoned it was only till 2008. Still a decent payoff for the SFA to put into signing a new manager.



There is NO way the huns would be happy with wattie doing 2 jobs. I was pissed off enough when Miller was with us and assistant with Scotland (and nae just cause it was him)

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Remember Fergie did both jobs following Jock Stein's death.


d*ck Donald felt it was to Aberdeen's detriment - certainly cost us the title in '86 but felt that due to the circumstances there was little AFC could do but accept the situation.


Maybe if this happens the Huns will suffer too.



The question is though, which would Walter put first, Scotland or the huns??


Me thinks the latter. :laughing:

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Guest El Padre
If he takes the Hun job his contract with SFA should be terminated immediately and the appointment of either Eric Black or Billy Davies immediately.


According to the radio he'll be in a similar role to Willie Miller and he'll continue as Scotland manager. :laughing:


Edit: It helps when I read the rest of thread. Padre loses two life points. :laughing:

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There is no way WS can do both jobs. Think about it... A few dodgy results for the Huns and he will be accused of spending too much time worrying about Scotland - a couple of bad results for Scotland and the situation will be reversed. Either way, he can't win.


Traitor hun bastarding scum bluenose c*nt if he does take the job mind you. :laughing:Looks likely as well.


Oh well, at least Rangers will be back to being sh*te in Europe..... :laughing:


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Hibs vs Aberdeen. 14-15 Scottish players on view with 5-6 on the fringes of Scotland squad. Anderson, Severin, Miller, Thomson, Brown, Whittaker.


Motherwell vs Rangers 10-11 Scots player on view with 2 on the fringes of Scotland squad. Hutton, Macgregor. (Boyd is a given)


Walter Smith at the hun game.


Says it all.

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ill admit now i was stupid when i wanted WS incharge of the scotland squad after bertie was sacked.


i selectively forgot he is a blue nose to the core and consequently wouldnt care about players outwith the old firm.


.....i repeat....i hate rangers

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BBC Link


The thing that bugs me is that they are talking about how WS sharing his time between Rangers and Scotland would be totally unacceptable to the filth, and Murray, and yet no mention of how it would impact the contract he signed with the SFA.


Is his contract with the SFA like a club one, ie there is no reason why they should allow him to leave, without full compensation being paid by the huns ... ? Doubt it would happen though, SFA would hate to not pander to every whim of the OF ... :tossr:

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Is the Scotland job really a full time one though?


The issue I would have is that he couldn't keep an eye on other players when sitting in the directors box every week. This could be managed by bringing in a performance coach / scout.


I think it could work but it will ultimately be unacceptable to 70% of all of Scotlands fans.

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I will very unhappy if Walter does both jobs. Quite simply, there is a natural tension between the manager of a national team and a club side and if Walter has a foot in both camps then he cannot be impartial. In short, it will compromise both jobs.


Now, I couldn't give a stuff if it's Rangers who suffer, but I think we all know that that will never be the case. Ergo, If Walter goes the Scotland manager will cease to be impartial and the national team will suffer.


If I was in charge at the SFA I would make it quite clear that if he works for another club - especially in such a high profile position - then he cannot be manager of the Scotland team. I would also remind him that his job is barely half done with us part-way through a qualifying campaign where Scotland are doing better than almsot any of us would dare believe after the Berti fiasco.



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