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Aberdeen V Celtic

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Remember the one with the riot police was evening for some reason. 5.35 according to this




Perhaps a fair point when we're playing the scum but I don't see why we shouldn't be allowed to play smaller teams on Sat evenings. Can't really see things kicking off at Dons vs St Johnstone no matter how pissed folk are

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Defintely wasnt a 3pm kick off. Was definitely an early evening game as I remember I was working and phoning my dad for updates who was watching it on SKY.

Aye it was definitely an evening game as i was meant to be working but for some reason - which i can't remember - i managed to see the game at Murdos and the whole place went fucking apeshit when Winters got hit by the coin.

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Aye maybe it was later - definitely a Saturday though. Surprised police would let Saturdaay night go ahead mind you.


5.35pm kick off according to heritage site.



I had a quote lifted off an old message board for one of the Sunday papers the day after that game.


A hun I worked with at the time knew it was me who'd posted it and led me to the article.


It was a late kick off as I'd took half an hour off me end of shift to watch it on the box.

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