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New Mixer !


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i will just answer your query without casting aspersions upon your character.


i have one. i love it. worth every penny.


there's several different models. but i've only seen/used three of them.


i have the Artisan (the one with a multitude of colours available). has yet to not meet my needs in the kitchen. 5 quart bowl. 325 watt motor (up to mixing bread doughs without any problem). comes with the bowl, a pouring shield (which i've yet to use, it gets in the way and is in a cupboard somewhere), flat beater and wire whip.


there's the Classic series which looks much the same, but is available only in a few colours. and has a smaller bowl (4.5 quart) and smaller motor (250 watt). comes with all the same accessories though.


the other one i've seen/tried is the 7 quart lift stand mixer. no fancy colours. and the bowl lifts up rather than twisting out of the stand like the other two. it has a 7 quart bowl and a 1.3 HP motor. it's a serious mixer, lol. and probably more than most households need.


just checked A mazon UK compared to A mazon here re: pricing. they're about twice the price there! :( but i don't know how that compares to other similar quality mixers there. they seem to go on sale around here just about this time of year -- a couple of hundred dollars off. so you may get lucky there as well.


the only problem i`d foresee with the Artisan one is knowing which colour to choose for someone else's gift. :cheers:



cheers lgir.


you see them all the time on tv, british bake off etc, but i dont know anyone who has one so its good to hear positive feedback.


i see two artisans on the web. one roughly double the price and the only discernable difference is the mixing bowl size - that must be your quarts then ;-)

i see what mood i'm in when i buy it.


one problem you have living where i do is the cost. everything is more expensive here and its a pain in hoop getting stuff delivered.

but b;uto always finds a way!

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speak of the devil! every Artisan is on as of today til nearer the end of December -- 40% off.

i know it's the Canadian site, but perhaps it's worth having it shipped and paying any import duty at this price?


$300 CDN is about £188 (about £220 less than the going rate there)




EDIT: poop. skip that thought. i forgot: you'd have to adapt the plug. :(

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