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Personally, I think it's a case of 'the wanker doth protest too much'.


only a mink would go there to buy tat.


id love to see some wimpy rat faced aids ridden mink pick up and run with a washing machine.


how would you know?


la liga isnt shown on mink telly.


tell you one thing dayts, the gyppo mink wouldnt have escape unpunished on my watch.


couldnt agree more dayts.


also removes the mink factor from dealers and hoodilums.


you can throw a used jonny down any glasgow highrise stairwell and it will hit a malnourished mink.



if you think aberdeen is bad for mink, you should see edinburgh.


i once worked in a tourist shop and the aids ridden filth would come in a rob it all the time.


funny as fuck seeing them pretend to be interested in the fake burberry camel thomson scarfs



dubai's nae that good MT. its teh modern day costas.


i'd take a holiday on the med over it any day of the week, albeit not one in a mink infested resort.



my cosh of choice is a large maglight.


wouldnt like to be in your situation mdal. everyone thinks they can/would defend themselves in such instances but you never know what these folk are capable of doing.

if its any consolation im sure the mink will not be back.


you mustve lived in a shit area.



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minks are also on trend with the latest collections from adidas, nike, burberry, stone island and the like.


you want to know about high streets fashion? speak to a mink.





i like your thinking.


could just brand it scum, sub human scum. or a mink.



i thought you liked buffon?


never met this boxer but i too would wager he is a right cunt.

i saw a pic of him and he looked like a right mink. you know the type that hang out in gangs on street corners and outside morning noon and nights, smoking cigs with a screwed up face.


yeah its a weird sitruation. certainly seemed like ac had agreed a deal with city, looked quite likely he woudl go.


that kia bloke was on talksport the other day saying his ommission from the city side was all due to mancini, rather than tevez. but there was an interesting article in the guardian yesterday which want to complimentary of tevez.


he's just a mink really. ther sooner he's out fo football, or retires, the better.



the benefit system in the UK is a joke.

well the overly exposed situations of some fat weegie mink with 8 kids sponging off the state is a joke.

but i'm sure these cases are in a relative minority.



typical pikey mink.


its called bottom feeding.


the fact you ''nearly battered him '' marks you down as an uneducated mink, playing up to the polar opposite of the 'yah' you so despise.


suarez is a mink or the highest order.




suarez is a real mink.




bluto - why the fcuk would i go there, im not a mink.

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kids lack respect in the UK.

not all of them, obvioulsy, but why do we have a gang culture.

a binge drinking culture.

a mink culture.

an unhealthy culture.

a culture where old people are scared to go out cause of hoodies.




baconbuttys got a point though

socially our attitude doesnt help.

aggressive parents on the sidelines. unruly kids who cause trouble. lack of eduction. kids with no respect for elders and their peers. the mink factor.

other countires might have these problems also, but not to teh extend we do in britian.






he just sounded like a weegie mink wide boy.


agents. when are clubs and governing bodies realise that there is a middle man syphining off millions and adding zero value.


i dont care if a mink injects aids into his body in the search of hedonism.

i only care that they leave me alone and dont take what isnt rightfully theirs.




now, i'm all for live and let live and not in the least bit boverred about other folks lifestyles but these c**ts.



saw them in romania earlier this year.


begging the f**k out of me and everybody else up and down the same patch constantly for about 3 hours .

two little kids in tow and a baby in her arms for effect.


then i spotted her hiding round teh corner one her fancy phone.


f**kin mink.



thats why glastonbury is so goo.


less of a mink factor.



whats wrong with that like?


if theres one mink i canna stand its a gyppo mink.


ye daft racist.


slumdog working class mink.


agreed tup.


minks is as minks are.

you can take the mink out of the sh*t hole but you canna take the sh*t out of the mink.


are you a gyppo mink boofy?



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kai is a brilliant name.


common names are for minks.


naming your kid after a city or where it was concieved is far more classy and elegant.


buffets are for minks.



a minks optimum ratio for room size to tv size is 1.5:1


water parks are for chavs and minks.


see it all the time over here. minks rifling through rubbish for shit.



tup is like those minks from trailor parks in america.


doesnt even venture out of his state/region far less ever own a passport.


he should pop over to blutos holiday corner to talk it through



its cause they are probably minks.


the only thing missing is weather. but thats top of every minks hit list when it comes to vacations, so there is another reason to visit england.


energy drinks are the preserve of minks.



ask tup.



fuck hearts. junkie minks.

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complete blanket statement. its liek saying all footballers are thick as pigshit minks. er,...


i dinna mind FFs.


trust me though, chuddy is the preserve of minks.



malnourished minks.


thats cause t in the park is full of minks


for minks like this it should be one strike and youre out.


lock her up and throw away the key.


its asda tup.


dont you mean utter minks.



tanning and getting tanned is for minks.


UTG are fine as they are.

maybe a couple of mill would clean them up nice a fancy. nothing big just costmetic and keep away the minks.




best thing about the pics are the dapper bowler hatted gentlemen.


nowadays its all neds and minks in burberry and adidas.


red bull, monster and all the otehr energy drinks are the preserve of minks.


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get it right 3spam, its delft. nae den haag. ;)


i suppose i dont have much faith for a independnat scotland. and his ranting i feel is praying on the thick weegie minks who believe its for the better.





as a kid, i always remember golfers to be lower class minks.


same here tommo.


only minks get into fights.


the likes of myself, just chill out enjoy their night and let the riff raff squabble amongst themselves.





i couldnt care less t.b.h.


footballers are all by and large uneducated minks.



too many minks in this world if you ask me.



yeahs course there are. like all the minks in india and africa. and glasgow.




Saw the minks at St pauls. The place stank of shit just like Alford.


Now in williamsons tavern on bow lane.



england. zzzzzzzz


no. minks in glasgow fighting other neds cause they support another team, is the problem.


EDIT: why would england, what ever that is, presumbaly you mean the english clubs, give money ot scottish towm for football pitches and sports facilities?



that is it in a nutshell.


the council and law just look like a joke.


fair play to the pikey minks for milking the system.



i'm also tempted to say its played by ruperts and tarquins but have you seen the minks that play rugby league up north?


they make footballers look intelligent

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manchester, uefa cup final?


cause we have sh*t loads of minks up here too


yeah sure tup.

your tinted specs.

next you'll be balming the english.

there are also plenty minks that wil carry a 'chib' or a 'tool'.


nae me like, i'm old school. queensbury rules for me.



well the cafes in holland are usually pretty busy from what i can see.


ah f*cuk it. just boil the lot of the junkie scum minks.





football isnt about tv money.

football is about 22 minks kicking a pigs bladder about a village green.

tv money is simply a sideshow. irrelevant.


therein speaks a man who has never been to glastonbury.


i go to glastonbury every year cause its the best festival in the world.


nae minks, nae hassle, just ace music and even better booze. :dance::cool::beer:


whats this program about?


never seen it.


is it just about junkie minks?


sounds good. i'll keep my lookers peeled for it.



i remember, so far back i cant remember when, that london clubs were scandelously more expensive than the s.t. they sold to the working class minks you love so much in the north.




he tells it like it is to minks.


good on him i say.



i was in liverpool in january and saw a group of them coming out of a pub late afternoon singing that rubbish.

crossed the road to avoid them.

presumably they got battered later on in the night. :fight:


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And there lies your problem...you obviously married below your station and have had a lifetime of bitter regret...culminating in a messy divorce...you really have only yourself to blame...what the fu*k were you thinking man...marrying a mink!!

I ken, I ken, and don't think I hinna said the same to myself many many times

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