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I Drink Therefore I Am... A Clever Bastard


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id say it to your face.


and then id laugh in your face and call you a prick.


my colours dont run. :cool:


You'd be relying on the kindness of others to haul you into a taxi after shitting yourself due to drinking a pint of Carlsberg a wee bit too quickly.


A typical bluto Friday night, in other words.

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Dinna worry dayts, I'm from the same school of hard knocks.


If I seen you struggling down Union Street looking to get across the road rest assured I'd help out and stop the traffic for you.


Any dissenters would get told straight, this is a hardman of yesteryear, and you'll wait for him.

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The dust up will most likely happen when we discuss the rules of the competition. You come out with some guff about the white being placed anywhere on the table after a foul, EPK or I disagree, you get angry and bang down you go crumpled to the deck before you've got time to think.



I think you're confused, the white can be placed anywhere behind the line after a foul. Anywhere on the table would be ludicrous.

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tups like an under 5.

desperate to make a name for himself on the wick scene.

his problem is he is too eager.


but real top boys are like generals.

they've been there, seen it and fought it. theyve earned the respect and admiration that is thrust upon them


The Wick casuals (WSC) probably look at him with disdain, that's why he'll kick off and beat up the local midget when he's pissed.

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I'll certainly have a pint or two if I'm going to the fitba but no more than that, I hate drinking for the sole purpose of getting pished, to me there has to be a social element to it or it's a pointless activity.

I'm pretty much the same now. I used to be out most weekends getting hammered and ending up in crap night clubs full of pretentious wankers and music that could be used as a tool for torture.


I'd rather spend

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What's the point in drinking if you don't end up in a nightclub to go "clubbing"?




I'm not sure.


I'm not sure what the point of any of it is.


However, it's clear we are a culture obsessed with it.


I don't think I've ever had a positive experience in a meat market nightclub, I've done things which seemed great at the time, but in hindsight seemed absurd.


You won't find contentedness in either the bottom of a glass or a nightclub.

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