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Top Boys Only Thread


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I'm thinking we go up to Wick with a couple other top boys and pose as a visiting pool playing team from the big City, they'll be impressed straight away and start buying us drinks and shit.


Obviously word will get back to Tup that some lads from the big smoke are in the village and are whipping all the locals, when we see a wee small mannie with a red face carrying a pool cue burst into the bar we'll know our trap has worked.


I'll then wrap my pool cue off his napper and we walk out the bar leaving him ko'd, we'll be like those dudes from Reservoir dogs and gun our way out of town.

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That's the spirit!Live on the edge,stay young.

Until some young Turk plunges ye.It's different nowadays.Back then at worst ye got a doing,wake up next morning sair as fuck but still buzzin.Too many shitebags oot there that need to be tooled up.

It's never going to be the same!

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