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Top Boys Only Thread


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You've blown the interview luv, me and bluto don't take kindly to cheek from our women!


See yerself out. :thumbup1:


a top boys macot needs to know her place. sorry lgir but there nae room for women with 'spirit' in this journey.


were looking for the kindo bird that cheesepies and crazy bull would go for. fat ugly and easy.

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its all done via geprdie racer style carrier idgeon. that way old bill cant get in on it


ah. those idgeons are hard to get info from, for sure! :thumbup1:


how is it, by the way, that if you and Dayts are both top boys together, your signature only says "Don't ever come out with me and Finchy", and yet his includes you. do you not consider Dayts to be your and Finchy's top boy equal? :o

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I've not had enough drink to get the misguided view that I'm anywhere near a top boy. More Kermit than Kessler in the guns department. I'll happily stand at the back and bonce up and down while checking my exit route though.


Is there an X-factor style board of Top, Top Boys who agree who gets in? I'd guess it'd be pretty much the opposite of that though. As in poofy sob stories would get you the dunt?

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I'll take that bet.


My hard earned goes on Mobby.


No hold barred fight to the death.


I'll pick up my winnings in January.

I would easily fight mobby providing there were drug tests involved, I've had him try and chew my face off outside soul once before but I flattened the wee ginger gype ;) Only joking mobby I ken you'd destroy me, both sexually and mentally.

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