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Friday Fitba

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I'm pleased with this as well. I love the idea and hope it's made a regular thing. People are already in form for it as it's the weekend and a good result will always help.


No doubt the 4-0 win against the Pars helped the last time, it'll possibly be a terrible idea come half 9 on the 15th of February!

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Must just be me that likes football at 3pm on a Saturday then. Move rules me out. More Friday games will mean me binning season ticket next season.


For locals, the occasional 7.45 Friday is fine - maybe even just one home game per season.

That's all it is.

And if the crowd is up on the corresponding Saturday fixture, as our last Friday one was, it's more positive than negative.

Maybe that's just me?

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The Friday night game last season was a very enjoyable experience.


Despite the crowd being lower than average, there was a good atmosphere at Pittodrie that night. The support seemed to be in a different mood, probably because many were planning going out after and incorporating the game into their night.


Of course, the result and scoreline that night helped massively, but there was definitely something unique about that game and I will hopefully manage to get up for this Friday fixture.

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