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Ha ha


Rt he good thing is kelt I know you're kidding.

And with that its funny. But not when people get all serious on my spelling ass



Wrt intellectuals though - you're a geek by trade aren't you? What's your specialisation?


Depends what you mean by 'specialization'.


By profession I work in IT, have a degree in computer science, A+ certification, and a current, up to date MSCE.


It's all pretty much worthless though, because my job primarily entails blowing dust out of computers... and I wish I was kidding. You could literally train a brain damaged chimpanzee to do what I do, and it would take you 15 minutes.


I do most of my work in my home office, though periodically I have to visit a company to show a new employee how to use a mouse. :spanner:


Because my actual job is as boring as fucking fuck, I'm back in school to learn how to write good. In fact I have circa 4000 words to write by the weekend.


Maybe I'll just copy paste my posts from here and send them in as my finished assignment.


Hope my tutor likes reading about perverts who wank off to fatties with their arse cracks hanging out.

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You sound a lot likje me kelt


My job involves cleaning mice balls and switching computers on and off


You lucky bastard.


What I wouldn't give to turn computers on and off.


I sometimes lie awake at night dreaming of turning computers on and off.


My idea of Heaven is to be allowed to clean mouse balls.


They must think the sun shines out of your arse, Son.

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Dodgy music?


I'd take that comment to heart if I didnt know you were quite 'special'. I know this because of your love of pishy lager that you claim is really beer because it comes from the Flemish.


If its yella, looks like pish and smells like a cat litter try its lager Bluto no matter how funcy the glass it comes in is.

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