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Mcinnes To Hibs?


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Heard this at work today...I dismissed it as pish but if tup heard similar the rumour is now a probability...Mchun has managed to get the the ship that the Brooner initially steadied...then ran onto the rocks...back on track...his work at AFC is done...good luck at Hibs pal.

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Reported in the press at 16.31.

16.42 tup starts thread.

So in 11 minutes hibs contacted the dons and tup was told by someone in the know.

Farcical stuff.

Do you think Hibs would have parted company with Fenlon without putting the feelers out first?...Mchun is a weegie and a hun...he is only loyal to the filth...money is his god...if a better offer came along he'd jump...nothing surer
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