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Some of you have no doubt picked up a new Gillette Fusion from Santa over Christmas and have no doubt been using it over the past few weeks. What are your general opinions on this revolutionary 5 blade effort?


I got one back in September and I find that they are a load of f*cking sh*t. I think the problem with this thing is that the blades are too close together, and if you have anything more than bumfluff on your face then you're in for an uncomfortable time.


Also the blades cost a fortune. A pack of 20 from Costco costs

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Beards are the way forward!


Especially at this time of year.


Myself and my chums are going to be growing moustaches for my stag trip to Berlin.


This will neccesitate the growing of a beard initially.


I do have a Gillette Fusion, and I think it's ok, and I have a very hairy face.


Compensates for my baldy heed.

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how are Gillette going to try and con even more money out of us next? Is there some kind of competition in their offices to see how many blades they can squeeze into a razor head, and therefore to see how much money they can squeeze out of gullible punters


Personally, I haven't paid for a razor for about 10 years.


I love Santa.

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i havent been clean shaven since november 05, elecric shaver to maintain a decent beard but decided to shave it off last friday and i use the gillette mac power. i like it. dont know if the added buzz actually does anything but its the closets and cleanest shave ive ever had.


needless to say i wish id just left the f*ckin beard though...look about 17 again....

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I used to use Gillette Mach 3, but after a while it began to irritate my skin so I switched to the Gillette 2-blade disposables and haven't looked back. Saved a fortune as well.


I think it is stupid that Gillette think '5 blades is better than 3' etc. What is next? Six blades? Seven?... ad infinitum.


I think the theory that it depends on hair size/thickness is probably quite true, the hair on my face is fairly coarse and thick and so multi-blade razors are not much use except probably for bumfluffers who shave once a blue moon.

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I think it is stupid that Gillette think '5 blades is better than 3' etc. What is next? Six blades? Seven?... ad infinitum.

Said the same thing when they brought out the 3 blade razors...


Just had a shave and apparently it's a Gillette M3 Power, rather than a Mach 3 Turbo I've been using. Easy mistake to make :applause:

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The missus insists on buying me the latest razor when they come out so have pretty much tried every one since Gillette Sensor. Just binned the Fusion (irritated my neck) and have gone back to Mach 3 (again). Reckon the blade separation is the problem as mentioned above.


She however prefers wax, leaving a thin landing strip.

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Am i the only one that never got a new shaver for christmas?! :unsure: I have used the one i have for a little while now and still haven't cut myself!! Am tempted to go out and buy the fusion but is it actually any good are just another money making sceam(spl?) :dance:

I didn't get one either, but that's because I've never been clean shaven since hair started growing on my face.


Manly stubble is the way forward.

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  • 8 years later...

My dog ate the cord on my shaver so rocking The Cheesepipes look at the moment. Little c**t also ate through her straightners but I mended them by cutting and reconnecting the wires and wrapping in electrical tape (felt like a real man), unfortunately my shaver cord was in a million bits and if I had managed to mend the cord it would have been so small I would have had to kneel down and shave my face about 3mm from the plug.


Too lazy to buy a new one but my pubes are growing in overdrive so will have to soon.

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There was a time when a lady bent over in the office you ran behind her, put you hands behind your head and simulated doggy style sex while grunting.


Look at the fucking state of the world nowadays.

Aye changed days indeed...I mind when the loon (about 5 at the time) picked up a tabby off the pavement and pretended to smoke it...what would have been seen as a laugh/photo opportunity in the 70's suddenly turned into an irresponsible parent moment in the eyes of the disapproving masses...world gone crazy.

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