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Transfers News For The Inferior Teams

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In guff news - this trollop thinks that Newcastle is better than Milan. I think Newcastle is a great night out - mainly because it's full of slappers like her. She'll soon get her wish and be back there permanently, he must be off his rocker to be going out with a Geordie bird. A Milanese princess is surely the next step-up. Change up clubs and change up birds in quick succession if I was you, young Davide.



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United well and truly shat themselves.


I don't get the logic in the deal for Armstrong. GMS I can understand them getting rid of, he'd agreed a pre contract with Celtic so be as well selling him to Celtic, but Armstrong...? United threw the towel in big time.


Hamilton, what the fuck are they doing? Antoine Curier not one of their top scorers this season, to get rid of him doesn't make sense given they have only Scotland as their striker.


Some weird, weird decisions.


United getting 2 million for Armstrong and GMS, then going to Hibs and saying 'we know we didn't rate Allan 3 years ago and got rid, but can we have him back for 150k despite us having 2 million sitting here'. Hibs quite rightfully said 'fuck off'.


Muirhead even that good? I'm not so sure.


We strengthened, as did Celtic to an extent, everyone else seemed to get weaker.

Didn't Allan leave and United were raging to see him go?

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Must be a nap that McDonald will be signing for St Mirren :itch-chin:


"For example, one deal fell at the last minute as one of the managers decided that he wanted the player to stay and be part of their own squad."


That's the excuse of a manager that has failed in the transfer market. 'Oh we tried to get this really good player but he was so good he'll be playing in the EPL, that's the kind of player we are in for.' Shut up Gary.

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