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7 minutes ago, Grays Babylon 1875 said:

What's your opinion of these young chaps art Mr Ke1t? 

Rap... i assume this is rap and not slam poetry to music... isn't my bag, but I appreciate that my bag isn't everyone's bag. 

I get very little out of it, but I'm 99% certain my parents got fuck all out of Sisters and Sputnik, therefore my opinion on this would be worthless. 

I remember a bit where some people were discussing music, and the one lad said to the other, "The reason you don't like it is that you don't understand it." 

Having said that, I'm reminded of the first time I heard Jon Spencer... as I screamed along a dark and empty N Deeside Road at about 2 in the morning. The beginning of the first track was taking an inordinate time to start, and I reckoned my volume must be down, so I turned that fucking thing all the way to 11. The silence was broken by the jarring first notes booming the fuck out, me almost crashing my motor as the first sudden notes of the album shook the interior and quite literally made me almost shit my pants... I have to say I didn't understand JSBX either. I was frightened, I was confused, and I was angry... yes, angry... that Mr Jon Spencer had almost ended my life in the most boring part of Aberdeen. Later I would come to love that man like my own brother, even though when I met him in real life he took an immediate and almost pathological dislike to me. The fucking cheek... HE was the one who almost killed ME on that dark and shit road all those years ago... but he had the fucking GALL to judge ME just because I was being a drunk, obnoxious, downright rude cunt? Life is strange. 

As for the above rap thing, I would advise the lad with the gold grills to reconsider, though. Not for any aesthetic reasons, but because unless they're removable they're going to play merry hell with his dental hygiene. 

I give you the song that genuinely startled me to the point that I lost control of my vehicle, as the silence of that lonely road was shattered, and almost sent me to certain death in the trees around Peterculter. 

Make sure you're relaxed and have it turned up to 11. 


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If you're meaning me I would have no problem with that, Bluto and Poods are both great guys, would be a real honour to protect them and give them my love, top notch boys, won't hear a bad word against them or a few others on here. 

Weird how it's the non dons lads getting brave while it's the early hours and quiet, fucking weird being on here in the first place, even weirder thinking you could ever intimidate me. It's boring to read, anyone with a serious problem just PM me, take it off site.

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