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Old Entertainment was shit.


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Before the internet, cable, satellite, HULU, and PS5 the primary form of entertainment seemed to be variety... and it was shit. 

Imagine having to sit through this shite, waiting for the internet to be invented. 

Four Beasts and a Midget. 

Sounds terrific. 



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5 minutes ago, The Buzzard said:

Anybody remember Tommy Cooper keeling over and dying during a Sunday night variety show on tv?

Yip - watched it a few times 

though, some on here (Moobz and GB) would cry like little girls and leave a WhatsApp group if they were shown that particular part of nature take its course

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Cannon and Ball were so bad I remember literally sobbing with hate at them as a kid. 

My folks thought they were hilarious, and would roar with laughter any time the mentally deficient one with the perm said his catchphrase, "Rock on, Tommy!"

Their jokes were pish, their variety act songs had no place in the modern era, and nothing about them was even mildly amusing... yet they were, at one time, probably the biggest 'comedy' act in Britain. 

It was surreal and bizarre and baffling. 

Like a fucking Twilight Zone episode. 


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