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The Weekly Chat Acca 2023/24 Season

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44 minutes ago, Sooper-hanz said:

I’ve not been involved in any. I did get 6 in a row once which I believe is a far superior achievement than simply being ‘involved’ in a winning acca which takes no additional individual skill whatsoever. 

How about being involved in all winning acca's and being top tipster for the season?

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I had a trawl back and found previous winners.


That was the 4th winner, with the following winners

1st - Dazzy - 4 times

2nd - G31Don - 3 times

=3rd - Don Fonte, Henry, The Buzzard, Durrant Dived, King St Loon - 2 times

The Dandy Don, Sooper-Hanz, RedForever86, Eeps, Quagmire - 1 time.

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45 minutes ago, Sooper-hanz said:

Not at all. I,as part of a winning acca team also, stand by the comment. 

You can't conflate the two.  Being one of the 5 that picked the winner means you were in the team/ won a cap.  Standfree1978 - just for example- doesn't get a winners medal for being on the subs bench in the acca.

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