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The Weekly Chat Acca 2023/24 Season

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What are we doing this Saturday coming up? There's only a limited EFL1 card, a full EFL2 card and a few Euro qualifiers from the normal matches we choose from.

As it's so limited are we going to be able to choose from any Euro qualifier from Thurs through to Tuesday? Still would be a fairly limited selection

Or are we just going to have a week off and recommence on 21st?

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Dazzy and TC hit hat tricks of wins for an extra life each. Cheltenham screw me over after 8 defeats on the bounce.

Don with a Fergie time winner.

Anything on Saturday and Sunday is fine.


Ten Caat (3)(3)*- Ukraine win


@Don Fonte(2)(2)

@King Street Loon







The DandyDon (2)

The Buzzard (6)


DurrantDived (3)

G31Don (3)


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