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Cyprus 0 - 3 Scotland

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4 hours ago, HaarDon said:

Still surprised by how many Afc fans couldn't give a fuck about the Scotland team.

Very hunnish if you ask me.

There's quite a few supporting Scotland now apparently.Now that we are winning 🤣

It’s Hunnish to support actual Huns on the park. 

which is what you do when you support the scotch

so you’re actually the hun 





scotland -1 is the easy wonga anyway. Unless dad puts them in his treble 

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Cyprus v Georgia was a very close game, 84th minute goal sealed it 1-2 to Georgia. Cyprus have improved a lot over the past few years, their league is much better these days. Their stadiums are almost cauldren-like. 

We've played good, but can play much better, I reckon. 

Tuesday 12th September
19:45 Scotland v England
Channel 4

Thursday 12th October
19:45 Spain v Scotland

Tuesday 17th October
19:45 France v Scotland

There's never been a trilogy like that for us! Southgate is such a mong. Fucking clueless. We need to outplay and beat that lot. Losing to Spain and France in close-fought battles wouldn't be that bad, but losing to England would stir a massive rage in me. No such thing as a Scotland-England "friendly". We should have beat them at the last Euros. Next Euros is going to feel like a World Cup, I reckon. 2024 is a "World Cup in fragments". African and Asian Cups in Jan-Feb, Euros and a 16-team Copa America with six North American teams in it, in June-July. Ancelotti managing Brazil by then.

1999-2019 was a brutal dose of the doldrums for Scotland national team. We really should have been at a few of those tournaments. Not being at Brazil 2014 was the worst, the adventures we would have had, the diseases, the deaths. Got to get to Turtle Island in 2026, that will be a fucking rammy to end all rammies, biggest, brashest, bomb-scariest sporting event since the 1972, 1984, 1996 Olympics but throw in Mexico 1970/86, USA 1994 and the general carnival chaos of football these days. 48 teams, 104 matches, fuck me, pass the cocaine...


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20 hours ago, G man said:

Yes we could be qualified by Tuesday with 3 games to go- amazing🤞🤞

Steve Clarke has done a remarkable job.

We're going to qualify. I want us to win the group. Seeding for the euro 24 groups is based entirely on qualification performance - the better we do, the higher we're seeded.

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54 minutes ago, JumboJET said:

Excuse me, @GAME OF BILLIONS, just what channel is showing the France and Spain games?

Viaplay. I call it ViaGay. Coz it's gay as fuck to have to watch it on there for £14.99 per month. I have it, but it's a cunt. I'm never in the mood for watching Spanish Liga at 20:30 on a Sunday night after watching three or four Scottish/English/Italian matches in the afternoon. Fucking Spanish, kicking off on a Sunday at 21:30, what is that all about? 

Anyway, just watch those matches via this massive link sharing site, Jumbo: 


Be sure to use an advert blocker like this one:


Sometimes the stream stops, you just refresh the page and it almost always returns.

For big matches, there are usually over 20 streams to choose from.



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