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Summer 2024 window

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29 minutes ago, shooftahmooftah said:

It will be a miracle if we manage to beat Kilmarnock twice.   And we will never beat Real Madrid again.  

A 'miracle' if we beat Killie a couple times - shut the fuck up shooftah for the love of fuck


We'll mess the cunts right up

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On 2/18/2024 at 5:17 PM, pittodriepie83 said:

I was surprised too but the story I got was he was ready to sign, Cormack then began dictating that he had to have x amount of youth players in the squad/starting each week as part of the “Aberdeen model”. Wilder said he’d pick a team to win & if it included youth then great, but wasn’t going to pick them for the sake of it. Wilder then felt DC would be sticking his nose in to team selection, and next minute the deal was off. Not sure if it was called off by our side or Wilder’s side.

Honestly, shut up

Just shut


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22 minutes ago, sooth_stander said:

Scott Burns tweeting we are looking at Siegrist of Celtic, as a replacement for Roos

Benji Siegrist, similar to myself and John Burridge, would be such a massive upgrade on Roos. What a boost this news is.

I saw 2 mins highlights of Tom Ritchie the other day and was delighted to see he is also superior to Roos

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22 minutes ago, Durrant Dived said:

If it's not a permanent deal it can get to fuck. 2nd choice keeper in goals every time we play the tims, may as well get mugs tattooed on our foreheads whilst we are it. 

Surely couldn’t be a loan?, he’s been sitting collecting skelfs for years now, got to be a permanent deal.

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