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1 minute ago, davierobb said:

Fancied going but logistically not possible to get there and back by public transport in a day from below the central belt. Transport infra structure in Scotland is in as good nick as Hibernian FC.

Yep, Sundays don’t exist if you want public transport.

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My mate is a born and bred Staggie and is shitting it that County might need a result against the Dons, if they don't beat the Farmers tomorrow night.

Many County fans see us as their bogey team.

Normally a great away day but will be even better on a mid-May weekend. 


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9 hours ago, BaaBaaRedSheep said:


Many County fans see us as their bogey team.


Bogey team? More like we've been bigger and better than them for their entire history.

Like us claiming Juventus are our bogey team.

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