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Lessons learnt from Italy match


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Im not saying to sack him... i'll give him a chance and he did win trophies with the scum but Im just questioning whether he is actually any good.. he strikes me as being a sort of Ron Atkinson type he'll just walk about being "Alex McLeish" and just being an inspirational red headed big bloke who won a bunch of medals...


the football that got played by the huns was real long ball sh*te, and his signings were a joke mostly...

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Bear in mind that we still have Fletch and Faddy, probably our two most naturally gifted players, to come back into the fold.


Keep the faith!


And Quashie, who unlike Ferguson tackles the opposition when they have the ball and doesn't stand about pouting and puffing his chest out like a spoiled bairn.

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i think what last night told us is:


Gordon is actually world class, or as damn near it for a Scottish goalie


Weir is past it at this level

McManus isn't quite ready for it - 2 games, 2 goals, 2 mistakes

Alexander's legs have gone


Scottie brown looks very good both in the whole and out on the right

Harltey's not a holding midfielder, he's a fine attacking midfielder though

Wee Barry CAN do it when he can be arsed



Wee Miller canae do it as a lone striker, but as a second striker or an option on the bench, a great player, but Boyd MUST start next game


It's not all doom and gloom though Fletcher, Quashie, McFadden, Anderson & Webster, not to mention Pressley were all not playing last night, plus Maloney & Boyd are great options to have, and Beattie looks a player. Riordan & O'conner if they sort thier heads out can come in to the reckoning as well.


We're still in the fight for this one, but it maybe too muc too soon, but for 2010, if we get a more genorus draw, things are certainly looking very good for Scotland

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