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Ach well, it was always going to come down to Italy. At least we might give them a false sense of security, they will not be so worried coming to Hampden now. We missed Scott Brown hugely tonight. Midfield was woeful. David Weir looked at his ancient worst tonight too and McManus looked uninterested.


Terrible display, chalk it down to experience and a reality check that we aren't world beaters just yet :thumbup1:


Bright side ?.....

......Russia 2 Them 1 :)


I hope you're right because as soon as teams start to show us respect we've had it (i.e tonight).

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How many goals have Scotland lost this campaign from crosses into the box? Far too often the fullback is beaten, the first centre back (usually Weir) comes across to block the ball but ends up out of position, leaving the other centre back on his own while allowing an opposition player to take a shot rather than trying to clear it. We used to concede goals like this (think the 3-0 game at Tynecastle two seasons ago) and it was unacceptable then.

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