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Bundesliga Thread

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Went to Borussia Monchengladbach - Wolfsburg last Saturday.


The Germans have got it right versus the UK in terms of a day out at the football.


Seeing a crowd of all ages chant to a scooter song was mint.

Unless folk are properly cunted on an away day then they don't like signing at the football. That's my opinion on it, right or wrong.

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Not as bad as your beloved Man United letting Pogba go, then re-buying him for circa £100M.


Aye that's a belter. Ridiculous amount of money though.


To think Man United let Pique and Pogba go for relative peanuts...whilst persisting with Johnny Evans and Tom Cleverly :laughing:

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Where's the best place to go for a weekend jaunt in the fatherland to take in a game and bratwurst?


I want to be one of those hipsters who talk about the bundesliga matchday experience and how backward the SFA are in comparison

1. St Pauli

2. Union Berlin

3. Fortuna Düsseldorf

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Decided to properly get into the Bundesliga this season. I've been to Germany so many times and was very nearly born there, and I'm trying to relearn German too so follow a few of the teams on twitter and attempt to make sense of the tweets.


I've kept it open who I'll support. Will just keep watching them all until I naturally drift towards one team.


Definitely won't be either of the Hamburg clubs though due to their Old Firm allegiances. Did the Allianz stadium tour in October and been to Dortmund twice, both times with Scotland though. Been to St Pauli and Hertha Berlin for games v Aberdeen - definitely won't be supporting Hertha either, their fans were arseholes when we played them.


Used to live with a German girl who was from Paderborn. She was a bit of a dick so that puts me off them, while her boyfriend was a Schalke fan. German mate from uni is from Hannover so could be tempted into supporting them. Heard great things about Union Berlin and is it Dynamo Berlin that have the Aberdeen affiliation?


Leipzig have the Scottish connection with Burke but was watching their game with Dortmund the other night and found myself roaring the home side on, though a lot of that was because I had Aubameyang first goal and 2-0 on (so of course it finished 1-0).

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