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Really did not see this coming, absolutely delighted. With Fyvie returning, Folly to come back and Pawlett hopefully back to full fitness (as well as young Ryan Jack breaking through), the midfield is starting to look pretty strong for next season. It also perhasps points towards why the club are happy to let Hartley go if that's what he wants.


For once, I can say 'well done AFC' with a straight face.

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great news.


Also see at the bottom that Clark Robertson has signed a 2 year deal also. Again good news, looks a good young player.


Hopefully we can build on this by getting some good signings in summer, and getting rid of the gash weve got just now.


I think he has one year left in youth team so a two year deal would suggest thats him promoted to the first team squad proper for next season.

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I think he has one year left in youth team so a two year deal would suggest thats him promoted to the first team squad proper for next season.


Yeah, think thats the case. I think hes ready to make the step up. Good solid defender. Would much rather we try our best to get Smith to stay though. The first natural good left back we have had in years.

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Fantastic news. 2 of Folly/Milsom/Fyvie /Hartley next season sounds good to me so far.


Perhaps an indication that Milne IS going to make significant money available?

I think this is the clearest indication that Hartleys days could be up. Folly holding, doing the donkey work, the dynamic of Milsom and Fyvie, not forgetting young Ryan. With Pawlett hopefully regaining fitness and Aluko re-signing and hopfully commited leaves little room for an ageing Hartley with less legs than Douglas Badder in our midfield.

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Fantastic news! Is the lining up the departure of hartley?


Cant wait to see Folly and him play a few games together.


With about 9 players signed for next season and some of them being Fyvie, Jack, Milsom, Folly and Hartley (all who are centre mids not very comfortable played on the wing) you would almost think so but AFC of course never fail to surprise us all.

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Good news on both signing on. Would prefer players in their mid 20s to be signing on for 3 years, but can see why it may be difficult to get Milsom to commit for that length of time. Hopefully we can have some wingers able to play regularly next year so Milsom can do what he does best.

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For me, he is our best player, and think next season, he will more than likely be one of the best in the squad, bringing the game to the other teams, driving forward, bringing others into the game....this for me is someone you CAN (if you choose to!) build a team around.

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