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10-Team Spl Proposal 'dead'

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14 team league is an utter pish idea.



Solves the imbalance of fixtures due to the split.



A split remains

Outside the top six? welcome to 14 games with little to play for apart from avoiding relegation in front of greatly reduced crowds

Smaller slice of the TV pie. Money shouldn't be the be-all and end-all but every penny is a prisoner in this day and age.


If the league is to expand it has to be big enough to remove the split entirely. The problem with this is that there is neither the number of clubs to make it meaningful nor the money in the game to see an improvement.

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I don't like this 'smaller cut of the pie' arguement made against the idea of league expansion. For every team that loses money there's a team gaining money and very quickly the gap between the bigger clubs and smaller clubs will be reduced.

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Have said all along that we should be getting back to a bigger league with more excitement in the game:


  • 16 team league
  • 50/50 gate split
  • relegation playoff brought back
  • Playoff between 3rd & 4th place (maybe even 5th place at a push) for final Euro place
  • League Cup semi's and final brought forward to earlier in the season
  • Reserve teams brought back


Imo if the above was considered we'd have a better SPL but i doubt it would happen.

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16 team is the way forward imo.




its not as big as the 20 obviously which means only the better teams come up, not just lots of fodder to make up numbers

30 game season means everyone can get their beloved winter break starting dec 15th starting back jan 20th (give or take)



the list red dragon has already made

only play OF twice a season which will never be accepted. too much money to lose out on

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I don't like this 'smaller cut of the pie' arguement made against the idea of league expansion. For every team that loses money there's a team gaining money and very quickly the gap between the bigger clubs and smaller clubs will be reduced.


The general trend is downwards in this case though, rather than upwards.

Lets say our current wage budget is 100k/week, you can expect that to drop to 80k/week with less tv money and smaller crowds. Same across the league. The exception of course is the OF due to tv money being a smaller percentage of their total income due to their beigger crowds. The gap between the OF and the rest would increase but the chasing pack (all but OF) would be bigger and of a lower standard decreasing the likelyhood of anyone breaking the monotany.


Equal sharing of tv money would be a stepn in the right direction if a more level playing field is really desired.

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Personally I think the number of teams in the SPL is more or less irrelevant.


The structure of Scottish Football needs to be looked at, taken to pieces, then put together properly.


10, 12, 14 or 16 teams... it's all bollocks.

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It's simples to me - unless 10 team league then scottish football, and our club, dies!


Sorry, but how does re-distributing the money amongst even more teams help us? Also wipe away the "romantic notions" about encouraging youth (where would AFC get the money to be able to keep investing in its youth academy?) and more teams = less monotony and what you get is lots of p*sh teams and even more meaningless humdrum games with nobody at them!


Like it or lump it, 10 teams may equal more monotony (?) but it will also = more interesting / meaningful games and in all likelihood higher attendances and more chance of investment in the team!


Just look at average attendances this season and the last time we had an 18 team league! :banghead:

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Keep things as they are, with play offs at the bottom of the league.


I don't mind the split as it gives six pointers at the end of the season. Increasing the amount of teams will simply lead to more irrelevant fixtures, and nobody is telling me they're bored of seeing us play Hearts at home twice and would be rushing out to see us play Morton or Raith once.


All this discussion about number of teams is pointless and distracting from tackling the main issues affecting Scottish football.


Exactly. It would only be worth increasing the number of teams if there's teams coming up who actually bring something to the SPL. I reckon attendances would be even lower with more games against pish opposition, which in turn brings in less cash for the club.


I really think we're fighting a losing battle but if anything, bringing in some sort of play offs at both ends of the table would increase excitement and with it, more teams would have something to play for come the end of the season.

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As I said, Scottish football is a broken product, and is dying on it's feet.


You could have 300 teams in the top league or 5 or whatever number you want., all you're performing is an exercise of utter futility, akin to shuffling the deck chairs on a holed Titanic.


Until the share of cash is more equitable, and for the benefit of Rangers and Celtic this means EQUAL, i.e. all participants get the same, nothing changes.


This aspect has not even been considered or discussed in any way.


I cannot believe there are chairmen in the SPL who accept this blatant loading of the dice.


No wonder we're beaten before a ball is kicked in earnest.


The only other solution is for both Old Firm to start every season on minus 25 points.

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I'd love for the other 10 chairmen to perform a swift, comprehensive, and non-negotiable coup d'etat right now, just come out, all ten, with a prepared speech saying something along the lines of:


All of us resign from the SPL with immediate effect. We have formed a 10 team league in the interim and will play as a 10 team top division next season. This league will not contain Celtic or Rangers, who remain as members of the untenable, non-democratic, financially biased SPL. Should they wish, they can play each other 38 times a season, with a split after 33 games to add some excitement to their clashes. After which one will be part of the top one, and the other will be part of the bottom one, meaning more excitement at the end of the season, as they will have to play off against...erm....ach, there's nobody for them to play off against but I'm sure it will be mildly pulse setting in any case. Sky television have Scottish footballing utopia, and Setanta can cater for their Irish subscription base on a weekly basis.


All the other clubs will form a division of their own, seek sponsorship, and share this money equally to all clubs. Any other investment is also shared equally.

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I like the romantic notion of reserve or under 21 football coming back however the stark financial reality is that it will hurt clubs like Aberdeen, etc in the pocket. Sadly I do not have an answer but an overhaul is required to sort out the mess which is Scottish fitba.


Split get that to feck, its pointless in my opinion. What purpose does it serve other than to handicap or favour one team who have to go away for a third time to either green or blue Glasgow or play St Mirren again at home. Two home games, two away games each club. Fair and sensible.


I agree Scottish fitba also needs a cul. Far far far far far far too many diddy teams are suckling on the lifeblood of the game. They take finances and resources from the game and offer nothing back in return. Gretna etc live and exist hoping for a pay out against the Old Fram (preferably) or a SPL team with a decent travelling suport like us in a Scottish Cup draw. Force them into amateur status.


Brechin, Montose, Forfar, and Arbroath, tell them to join up into Tayside County or something similar, pool their resources, sell off 3 stadiums for housing or become amateur. Same with Gretna, Queen of the South, and Annan. What is the point, they all just drain and cost Scottish football money.


Ruthless and precise restructuring from grass roots to the top.

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Yorkston was a prick before and now his diddy pub team is back in the SPL for 5 mins now he feels he is their spokesman.


f**k off you joke


So the man who comes in and speaks up for what the fans actually want is a prick?


I would also think that being the Chairman of Dumpfermline would actually make him their spokesman


He may speak sh*te 98.7% of the time but he's spot on with this.

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