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Scott Severin

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Sad news. Suspect that boofon is right and he will just announce his retirement now.


Mmmm. I think he'll give it a go at getting back to pick up the lucrative wages he's on rather than bow out and retire on diddly squat.


Better to at least make an effort and pick up his wages than decide to poke it.


Hopefully a nice drain on the Joots resources for the next few months if they haven't got their insurances for him in order. :crossfingers:

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Good player on his day. Good standard SPL pro.


I think having Scotland caps with no OF connection prove that.


I think he got a lot of abuse because he really slowed down near the end of his time with us, but actually I thought he looked quite good playing with Considine at the back. Him and Diamond were woeful. However Diamond and anyone is woeful.


Sad to hear this news. Not much consolation but at least he's getting on a pick and made a decent living. It'd be a lot worse if he was in his mid 20's etc.


All the best Seve

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Seve was another young Jambo hyped up by the media who came to us (I still believe because of being injury prone at Tarts) and was OK for a while.


His elevation to captain following God's departure to Sunderland seemed to give him an even greater opinion of self and developed his attitude that somehow he was better than AFC and the SPL - remember his "bored with the SPL" comment? Truth is that he was at his peak at that time and it wasn't going to get any better for him. He thought it was.


So he disappeared without trace at Watfiord reserves before Tangoman (who has also disappeared without trace) rescued him and brought him to the mighty Killie. The rest is jute history


Never as good as either the media or himself thought he was. A Scotland fringe player at best.


Nevertheless I hope he makes a full recovery.

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