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would love to be able to drink whisky! just cant! hopefully as i get older i'll aquire a taste!


had a bucket load once and fell and couldnt get up!


Ever since i was a young i remember my dad and uncle polishing off a ltr bottle of expensive malt on xmas day.


There is a time and a place when i can have a nip and ice and it just seems right.


Not often mind you.

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Have to admit cannot stand the stuff and the smell of it makes me couk!!


They say it is a taste you grow into with age but getting on now and still hate it!!


i used to be the same, i'd lift the glass to my mouth and gag like when you brush your back teeth, that was with blends though, still can't drink them, malts are far easier on the throat and nose

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Guest TenementFunster

There's 2 I know of. One is a blower upper of sh*t the other is a centre half for Shelbourne.




Saw the "I sell rope to the governement" sketch, good stuff!!

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Guest TenementFunster
Not even for a certain lead female?


I have an extensive back catalogue and briefly met said wonderful stunner.


Very briefly.



Can anyone join in with this thread or is it strictly glasgow uni dons only?



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Guest TenementFunster
I don't go to Glasgow Uni.


So, who's all going to the game?


Santa, Deko, Nespo, Sheepo, Big G "O", Chriso, Funstro, MMO, Malo, Padro, Disco, Skinneso, Inneso all the cool stuff.

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Guest TenementFunster
So how many of yous actually go to the uni and go to games with the glasgow UNIDons?


I could tell but, where would the fun be in that?



I love that picture!!

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Guest TenementFunster
Is the supporters club not meant to be for people at the UNI?


Anyway time to sleep.


Not something you need concern yourself with.


And . . . . . sleep.

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