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New Tv

Bobby Connor

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Just ordered this bad boy plus a blu ray player with 5.1 sound. See what all the fuss is about smart tv I suppose. Not fussed about the 3D aspect but bought a couple of 3D blu rays to see what like.


Replacing a 42" Samsung Plasma which I bought in 2005 for 1500 quid! This was also the first purchase I made when I first bought a flat and moved out of the parents house. Sod sofa's or a bed. Tv is always first priorty for a young single loon.

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What does he need a new tv (no the tranny kind) at home for, the battle cruiser's one is jist fine.


y that in jest but i dinna have the equivalent of sky here so if i want to watch a game i have to go to the boozer.


false economy of course, as i spend a fortune, but its not about that.

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When we flitted tae Norway in 2005, we bought a state of the art 42" plasma.


The bastards that designed it failed to foresee iPlayer, iTunes, iWhatever, USB, wireless lans, streaming etc :angry:



All the same, the tv works fine and eh canna bear the thought of parting wi cash for a new ane


Aye because there's been many a time I've wished my pesky telly had a USB port. FFS. What for?

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Paying the likes of £1500 for a TV is mental! And screens as big as 51"?!


I thought I went way overboard when I spent £350 on a 32" TV a couple of years ago. However, it's plenty big enough and doesn't take up 70% of my living room.


Each to their own though, I waste a lot of money on other crap.

My 51" takes up about 20% of one living room wall.


That's a mighty big TV that takes up 70% of the whole living room, and agree, that is way overboard.

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the firm is the top boy in hoolie movies.




I saw Yeti walking down Princes street a couple years back, was going to run up to him and ask for a pic but the other half wasn't keen on the idea and said it was probably a lookalike, have always regretted not getting it, would have been a brilliant facebook profile pic.


I googled it when I got home and it turned out he was in a play in Edinburgh that week.

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