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Oddities In Your Life That People May Find A Bit Strange

The Boofon

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thats why im filling you in!


im a leader, which requires coaching and mentoring along the way



You won't ever be capable of filling me in. Another North East phrase that you've accidently used.


Your last sentence. Do you require coaching and mentoring (same thing) or is it others that require it?


It's got double meaning which is something a good coach would never do.


Clear and precise information so the team know what they are doing.

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I knew exactly what i was saying :)


and its meant as a double meaning


a good leader mentors and coaches those beneath, but never stops learning himself


so im glad you picked up on it, my instructions must have been clear as crystal



Aye sure you did.


I was once on a coaching seminar and said to my captive audience that you cannot make two positive words into a negative response.


"Aye right" came the reply.

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