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If The Worst Were To Happen And Aberdeen Fc Didn't Exist Anymore, Who Would You Support?

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There is more to life than football, most of you dinna give a fuck about it anyway and just want to take rakes of drink and get away fae your torn faced wives, the thought of having to spend some time with your families is obviously beyond the pale, hence you'd need to latch on to anither team to keep up the cycle of incessant drinking and pissing off of your partners.


Sad bunch of cunts you all are.


If Aberdeen FC ceased to exist I'd simply stop supporting any team, no way would I stand like a big fucking gooseberry at some other shitty arsed team's games, trying to fit in, like a desperate arsed leech.


Don't include everyone in that first bit...


Last bit is exactly how I feel really.


Simple really if replacing Aberdeen as my only team was even possible then am I really any sort of fan? Supporting a team isn't a logical choice, its just something in your heart and soul.


Once Afc goes thats it. No more following football for me, I'll just crack on with other things. It'll be a great relief to realise for me the hell is over as I sit back and watch all the sad fuck OF fans glorying in yet another meaningless victory over a team with a 15th of the budget or watching fans of other SPL clubs miserable and dejected at their sides abject perfomances.

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