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80Mph On Motorways


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Agreed. This has always been my attitude as well. One of my mates' dads is a traffic cop in Glasgow, and he told me years ago that you don't get booked doing 80mph on the motorway anyway. So basically all that has happened here is that the legislation has finally caught up with what most folk do already.


I'm caught out at 83 mph :banghead: I wouldn't mind if I had been doing something more hardcore like 93, but 83, pffft.

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Fit sort of vehicle where you driving MDAL? If you were maxing it out then there's no shame that you were only doing 83.


Over a ton and you would've been banned.


In all seriousness, no luck. :ThumbsDown:


Agreed. If you were doing 83 maxed out in a 1L Nova then you would be a legend in my eyes.

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Maybe so he can go faster?


Just a guess, like.


Anyway, a huge percentage do 80 or more as it is.


All this will do is encourage people to do 85-90

Ok i don't always stick to the limit myself - within reason - but i think raising the limit will open up a can of worms but that's just my opinion.


To clarify i'm thinking more along the lines of wet conditions, icy conditions etc

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I got six points and a hefty fine for doing 84 on the main road between Keith and Huntly, chunts were sat over the brow of a hill on an overtaking section, didn't know that doesn't count as a dual carriageway even though it is a dual carriageway.


The road was empty and the conditions were great, the car is good for at least 140mph.


I'd raise the limits all round except built up areas, cars are built to go faster and the brakes and tyres are built to make the car safe at high speeds.

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I usually set my cruise control to 75ish on the Motorway. I used to go 80 or so until I picked up 3 points for speeding (on the same bit of road as daytrippin above - I was caught at 73 overtaking a lorry in the short overtaking lane!) so I'm not keen to get any more points as insurance is a killer!


If the limit is increased to 80 then I will probably set it for 85ish so from that point of view it doesn't make a difference - I will still be speeding. I believe it is safe to drive faster on motorways these days so it's a good idea to increase the limit but it's not going to stop people driving above the limit.

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