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Sportsound, Jimmy Says

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He always seems to be. Think he really enjoyed his time. Have to have a wee bit of respect that he hasn't become bitter.


Would not have him back though. Did a great job when he first came in but he had run his course.


A lot of folk wanting Jimmy back. I thought he came across really well but no way I'd have him back either.


I did laugh at 'take the good with the smooth' :laughing:

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I'd say if he was here he'd keep the likes of Arnason, Osbourne, Considine, Foster, langfield, pawlett, vernon, mackie, Clark, Milsom, Fyvie and jack.

No, he'd have kept the shite and never even have signed the good ones i.e Arnason & Osbourne. In fact i don't even believe he'd have brought Fyvie through either.

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